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File extension NWC is the suffix added to files created by the Noteworthy Composer application. The tool is actually a shareware used by musicians when creating notations for their compositions. Basically, the file contains notes and other musical pieces that musicians and students can use and learn. It is designed to work solely on PC machines running with various Windows operating systems.

The application is developed by Noteworthy Software, Inc. to aid musicians with their composition and lessen the time they have to allocate and consume when creating notations for their work. Through the use of the program, musicians or even mere users will be able to determine every note currently played within the piece.

On the other hand, NWC files are very limited in two aspects. First is the type of environment that they can run, and second are the choices of applications that are able to render this type of file. There are very few applications that can support NWC file type and most of these are created by the same maker and contributor of the file extension, Noteworthy Software, Inc.

Aside from supporting its native extension, Noteworthy Composer can also be used to process files with extensions .MID and .RMI. This is an advantage for the application since users do not have to resort to other applications when trying to access the content of MID and RMI files. These two file extensions, by the way, are used for audio files mostly seen on computer games. Bare Windows XP package has several MID files referenced by built-in games and other functions.

Noteworthy Software, Inc. has developed three different versions of their application that can be used by musicians to open and edit NWC files. NoteWorthy Composer, NoteWorthy Composer Viewer and NoteWorthy Player are all designed by Noteworthy Software, Inc. to support NWC files. The last two applications mentioned are free to download while NoteWorthy Composer is commercially distributed.

The NoteWorthy Player works like any other viewer applications for some complex file formats. It reads and highlights every note played during the course of playing the piece. However, this does not allow the program to edit the content of the piece.

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